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Digital Dentistry: How Digital Scanners Can Help

The world of orthodontics has come a long way. Advances in science and technology have allowed dentists and orthodontists to achieve things once thought impossible or science fiction. But
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Types of Appliances Used in Pediatric Orthodontics

Your child’s dental care begins when their first milk tooth erupts. The first dental visit should be at this time or before the child turns one year old. Ignoring
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Eating Fruits and Veggies with Braces

When you wear orthodontic appliances, you need to be aware of what and how you eat. You will need to avoid eating too many sugary foods to prevent plaque
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Smile Solutions: A Quick Guide On Orthodontics

Crooked and overcrowded teeth may pose a risk to both your dental and overall health. Apart from making your smile look less than appealing, crooked teeth may also cause