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Avoid Hasty Decisions When Speeding Up Your Divorce

While every married couple wants a happy ever after, this is not always the case in real life. Some relationships crumble and fail, with couples deciding to end the

Divorce Attorneys: A Three-Point Guide to Finding the Best

Going through a divorce is emotionally draining. However, having the right attorney by your side can bring some relief. They will ensure that your interests are well protected. Below

When Your Marriage is Already Harming You and the Kids

In the United States, there are more than 2.1 million reported marriages. This puts the marriage rate at about 6.9 per every 1,000 of the total population. Indeed, this looks

3 Critical Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your Criminal Case

If you are not familiar with the criminal justice system and its operations, you are prone to make some mistakes. Some of these mistakes can make your case extremely

Help Your Divorce Attorney Become More Effective

It is important to get the best legal representation, especially when handling a divorce case. Emotions can be high, and the people involved are rarely objective. This situation makes

New York Divorce: Who Gets the Business?

Divorce is among the most challenging things anyone could ever go through, particularly if your beloved business is on the line. During a divorce, the court will divide all

The Risks of Being Extremely Nice During Divorce

For some of those who know better, revenge during a divorce has its way backfiring in the future. Those who take it to the extreme are left feeling sad and

When the Best Guy Turns into the Worst Husband

There are plenty of good guys in the world. In the eyes of the general public, their respectable attitude and notable charm already make them suitable partners. Since he’s

A Guide to Prepare for Law School

Many people try to enter law school but only a few make it. If you want to become a lawyer, arm yourself early so that when you enter law

“I Married You, Not your Parents!”

Everyone hopes to live happily ever after with the person they marry. Reality, however, sinks in fast when you realize that your in-laws are also part of the equation.

A ‘Rich’ Split: The Ins and Outs of a High Asset Divorce

To say that divorce is an emotionally (and financially) taxing endeavor is an understatement. One can, however, double or even triple the trouble when the split involves millions of

Common Legal Issues That Can Affect Your Business

Complying with all the regulatory changes throughout the year can be a challenge. That is because you may not be in a position to comply with all the changes.