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3 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease in Your Kids

Many people think that heart disease is only for adults. While it’s true that cardiovascular disease is most commonly diagnosed in adults, its roots can begin early during childhood.

Disciplining Kids: Don’t Encourage Spanking

When it comes to disciplining kids, some parents encourage spanking, believing that it will teach children what’s right and wrong. Studies suggest, however, that it’s ineffective in the long-term
Health and Beauty

Is Your Child Too Young for Orthodontic Devices?

Teenage years are often the ideal time to wear braces. Permanent teeth are already in place by the time a child reaches the age of 12. So, it is

Numbers, Shapes and Figures: Encouraging Kids to Love Mathematics

Despite its beauty and function, mathematics has a poor reputation among kids. This could be attributed to a variety of reasons, from the unwilling teacher’s method to the stereotypical