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The Right Approach to a Divorce: Focusing on What Matters

The emotions you are feeling during a divorce can make you do things that are not worth it. These things can sometimes add more stress and frustration to your

Avoid Hasty Decisions When Speeding Up Your Divorce

While every married couple wants a happy ever after, this is not always the case in real life. Some relationships crumble and fail, with couples deciding to end the

The Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce

Some couples choose separation over divorce when things become difficult in their marital life. Often they need a separation and property settlement agreement prepared by separation lawyers in Townsville

Divorce Attorneys: A Three-Point Guide to Finding the Best

Going through a divorce is emotionally draining. However, having the right attorney by your side can bring some relief. They will ensure that your interests are well protected. Below

Domestic Violence: Why Victims May Lose Custody

How is custody determined in cases of domestic violence? Understandably, the court will aim at having the child benefit from a meaningful relationship with both parents while protecting them

Divorce Thoughts: How Do You End the Marriage?

When it comes to ending a marriage, the decision is rarely mutual. Even so, this decision affects spouses, their kids, family members, and friends. The upheaval for everyone involved is

Help Your Divorce Attorney Become More Effective

It is important to get the best legal representation, especially when handling a divorce case. Emotions can be high, and the people involved are rarely objective. This situation makes

New York Divorce: Who Gets the Business?

Divorce is among the most challenging things anyone could ever go through, particularly if your beloved business is on the line. During a divorce, the court will divide all

During Divorce Proceedings: Things You Shouldn’t Do

When you’re still in the process of divorce, keep in mind that your actions and behaviors can affect the settlement results. This is why it is important not to let emotions

Showing Your Child Your Constant Care After Losing a Custody Battle

Child custody and child support legal battles are not won all the time. It’s possible for you to lose custody or not get sole custody of your child as

The Risks of Being Extremely Nice During Divorce

For some of those who know better, revenge during a divorce has its way backfiring in the future. Those who take it to the extreme are left feeling sad and
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Learning to Love Again: How to Recover from a Divorce or a Breakup

It’s not too late to find love and romance even when you’re not as young as you used to be. After years of being married or living with someone