Why Settle Child Custody Issues With Divorce Mediation?

divorceOnce mediation has been suggested, you have to gather relevant information about the process. Many divorcing parents decide to undergo mediation instead of litigation because it is more manageable for everyone. Moreover, it boosts the process surrounding child custody and support. Do not enter into any consultation or discussion without preparing for it. Here are tips to help you start:

What to do when preparing for mediation discussions

You must do a few things before the initial meeting for child custody mediation. The best preparation is getting legal advice from divorce lawyers in Nassau County. A lawyer can help you prepare a child support and visitation proposal.

Your part in the process is to secure relevant documents such as medical records and school records. The custody proposal should take into consideration your personal views and opinions as to how your child shall be raised given the change in family circumstances after the divorce.

What not to do during mediation proceedings

The burden of divorce-related issues must only be on the shoulders of the parents. Children should not be involved in the discussion. For the sake of your kids, take responsibility for the choices you make. In this light, you have to be up front and honest with them, but you must not tell lies either. Any lie you tell and any story you invent in the attempt to win the advantage may be used against you.

Most importantly, treat your ex-spouse with respect. Unfound allegations have no place in mediation. Subterfuge and malice will not give you any advantage should the case be brought to court. Spouses who choose a divorce because of abuse of any kind may hold a grudge and use the dialogue to point out flaws of the other party. Remember there is no place for negativity when you are discussing in detail how you will ensure a bright future for your children.

Show a willingness to discuss matters with your former spouse. Be open-minded and keep your child’s welfare in mind.