Enjoyable Bachelorette Celebrations Without Hiring Strippers

a bachelorette partyBachelorette parties sure are a blast, and most of it is because activities include wild drunken splendor (sometimes with a stripper or two). However, some brides choose to have a cleaner and classier kind of celebration so you, the best friend and maid honor, will have to be creative about your choices.

With that said, here are some ideas to make your stripper-free party more memorable and enjoyable.

A “Girls Only” Getaway

You can plan a vacation trip to a place you’ve all wanted to go to, been before or even somewhere you’ve never visited. Choose tourist spots with your close friends and enjoy the sights while shopping, live streaming and just walking around together.

You can even go to a ski resort and enjoy the snow in matching Descente down jackets or visit the beach for a tequila party. Be sure to check out the latest offers and deals online so you can maximize your budget.

Pajama Party

Remember those sleepovers with your friends? Pajama parties might seem like yesterday’s fad, but who says it can’t be fun today?

Sleepovers could be a way of connecting with your friends on a much deeper level while reminiscing about those fun memories when you were young. This kind of party can also work well with a movie marathon of your group’s favorite films.

Cosmetic Celebration

Enjoy a queenly treatment by having a day dedicated to beauty and wellness. With many facilities offering group packages for their spa services, you can all have fun while improving your looks.

Choose massage packages or ask about facial and body treatments. You can also choose to go for a makeover at a well-known beauty parlor as an alternative.

The essence of a bachelorette party is for the bride-to-be to enjoy the single life for one last time before transitioning to married status. All these ideas are sure to be a hit if planned properly and can even be mixed and matched.