Treatment Methods for Neck and Back Pain in Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic back adjustment sessionMany people endure back and neck pain thinking there is no relief. This is after taking several medications for pain and at times extensive surgeries with little or no pain relief. Neck and back pain should however not limit your life with the chiropractic care now available.

Most people erroneously think chiropractic medicine is not so efficient since the practitioners have no training. In most states like Oklahoma, a chiropractor is a licensed doctor who has to pass several national board exams before being allowed to practice. Here are the therapies other than spinal manipulation he or she will use to relieve your back and neck pain.

Therapeutic Exercises

These exercises are designed to strengthen your extremities, back, and neck. They promote joint health, decrease pain, increase the range of motion, stability and strength and prevent muscle deterioration. Your chiropractor supervises the therapeutic exercises until he/she is confident that you are comfortable to handle them alone. It is essential to do them as prescribed so that they are efficient.

Soft Tissue Manual Therapy

In this therapy, the chiropractor uses different hands-on soft tissue treatments to enhance your soft tissues’ function. The tissues include your ligament, joint capsules, tendons, and muscles. The two main therapies used in soft tissue manual mobilization are instrument-assisted soft tissue and pin and stretch therapies.

Spinal Traction

In this option, particular traction devices will be used to distract different areas of your spine. Spinal traction gently separates your spinal vertebrae whose impingement might be the cause of your back and neck pain. This way, the pressure on your nerve roots is reduced which in turn decreases your pain.

Before picking the appropriate treatment option for you from the above, your chiropractor will recommend various tests. These are aimed at identifying the best therapy for your condition. You can hence rest assured that chiropractic care is not a try-and-see type of treatment but rather one based on facts.