Three Must-dos Before Moving to Bali

Family in living room of new houseHave you decided to make the big move to Bali? Bali is home to a diverse community of both locals and transplants. It’s hard not to get smitten by its beauty and the warmth of its people. If you’re making the big move, here are five things that you must do:

1. Think of the Kids

Are you moving to the island with children? Depending on their ages, you must consider different things before making the big move. First is the schooling situation. Look into the admission requirements, especially if you want them to study in an international school like ProEducation School. Doing so will save you many headaches concerning securing documents from across the world.

2. Iron Out the legalities

Get a good lawyer to help you and your family move without glitches. Make sure that your family has the correct visas and entry requirements. Find out what the coverage of your health insurance is and get the correct one for the permits that you have. These things can go wrong if you don’t plan. The same applies to your situation in your home country. Make sure that all loose ends are tied before making the move so that you won’t have to deal with legal trouble from thousands of miles away.

3. Secure Your Finances

Moving to Bali can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Whatever the case, make sure that you have the finances to back up the lifestyle that you want to maintain on the island. Securing an income source that you can quickly tap into should be arranged. If it’s coming from the UK, make sure that the money is legal. It also pays to find out the best way to remit the payment to avoid being scammed or ripped off through fees and exchange rates.

Bali is beautiful, and it’s easy to understand why moving your family is the best step for you. Follow these tips to make the journey as smooth as possible. Good luck!