Pre-Planned Funeral Packages: Types and Overview

men are carrying a coffinNowadays, many people are opting to pre-plan their burials. This considerably eases their loved ones’ suffering and financial burden after their demise. To this end, various funeral homes, Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries included, have now come up with packages for pre-planned funerals.

While most have a few options for their packages, you have a broad range of choices. You hence have the opportunity to get a package that suits your desire and budget. Here are some of these pre-planned packages.

Traditional Funerals

These are generally marked by hymns, well-dressed mourners and a church service before cremation or burial at a cemetery. There are different variations of these traditional funerals, including having a color dress code for the mourners and having a different burial from the traditional casket in-ground one.

Direct Cremation

With this package, your remains will be collected from the mortuary, and then cremated. Most direct cremation packages do not include the viewing of the body beforehand.

You could opt to have a memorial service after cremation. There are different material options for the urn where your ashes will be put. You also have the option of burying the container like the traditional casket in other burials.

Green Funerals

There is a considerable push toward eco-conservation, and you could contribute to it after your demise. In a green funeral, your remains will be buried in a burial shroud or biodegradable casket material.

In most green cemeteries, the graves have depths of less than two feet to reduce the emission of methane. If you so wish, you could also include a religious aspect to the green funeral.

Most of the packages mentioned above come with the option of including a funeral director to help your loved ones. Although a bit expensive, this is generally the best choice. Regardless, a pre-planned funeral will be an ideal choice.