No Ease in the Sneeze: Why You Can’t Stop Sneezing

a sick womanSneezing is normal, and as long as you cover your nose and mouth doing it, you’re okay. What’s not okay though is sneezing again and again and again in under a minute. Your body may not just be getting rid of irritants in the nose, but actually telling more about your body.

Here are possible reasons you can’t stop sneezing:

1. You’re experiencing sinusitis

Cold and allergies are not a good combo, as it results in sinusitis. This health problem refers to thickening and inflammation of sinuses, which blocks the mucus drainage. If you’re struggling with breathing through the nose, pain around the eyes, and no sense of smell and taste, it’s probably sinusitis.

See ENT specialists in Colorado immediately when you experience high fever, vision changes, stiff neck, and severe headaches. Sinusitis symptoms that keep coming back after treatment and those that last for more than seven days merit an urgent doctor’s appointment.

2. You’re taking new medicines

Some medications, like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and beta-adrenergic blocking agents, cause sneezing as a side effect. Some drugs affect nerve responses in the body, resulting in irritation of the nose.

This doesn’t mean you should stop taking medicine though. Ask your doctor how you can manage such side effects. You may have to adopt some lifestyle changes to reduce these problems.

3. You’re looking at the sun

Believe it or not, some people’s sneezing gets triggered by exposure to the sun. It’s in fact called – and this isn’t a joke – ACHOO syndrome (Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst). Most experts believe that this happens due to cross-wiring in the trigeminal nerve.

One of the largest, most complex cranial nerves, the trigeminal nerve sends signals to the eyes, nasal cavity, and the jaw. It’s believed that when a bright light causes the pupils to constrict, the nerve signal mistakenly triggers the flow of mucus, causing the brain to interpret it as an irritant, therefore resulting in sneezing.

Sneezing is the body’s way of fighting foreign objects from entering the body, but if it happens too many times, your body may be telling you another thing. Consult your ENT about it.