Common Mistakes by Most Rookie Greenhouse Owners

Greenhouse GardeningGreenhouse gardening is an exciting venture. However, putting up a greenhouse doesn’t mean that your plants will always be healthy, blooming, and fruitful. There’s a lot of work to do and learning to have once you decide to put up a greenhouse. Start by being aware of the common mistakes that new greenhouse owners have made so that you can avoid them.

Choosing the Wrong Location and Position

Yes, a greenhouse does let you grow plants in a controlled environment. However, some external factors can still affect growing your plants, such as exposure to sunlight and the presence of drainage. Install your greenhouse in a location with just the right amount of light and enough slopes to drain water with.

Not Monitoring Growing and Environmental Factors

The environment inside the greenhouse is meant to be controlled by you and not just left alone. If the latter is the case, then you might as well plant in an open area. Closely check factors such as fertilizer levels, light, soil acidity, pruning, pest control, temperature, humidity, and air circulation.

Failing to Create a Goal

You’ll need to decide on your ultimate goal for building a greenhouse before searching for a unit. Are you planning to be a hobbyist, or do you want to sell your harvest? Whether you should build a residential greenhouse or a commercial unit will eventually be finalized by your intentions and objectives.

Refusing to Ask for Advice

Every newbie to greenhouse gardening will eventually require assistance and advice. As you may have realized, this kind of hobby or business can be challenging, but many others have done it before. Find an expert and trustworthy mentor so that you can benefit from their guidance.

As long as you’re aware of these mistakes, you can avoid them easily. Keep an open mind and a positive outlook on your gardening. Remember that you’re still new. Therefore, if you intend to profit from your venture, continue learning and growing just like your plants.