Capitalizing on America’s Salty Snack Craving

2 kids with nachosA lot of research goes into starting a business. It’s important to study and understand the industry you are entering, after all. You need to look not only at the industry as a whole but also at the consumer trends you can capitalize on. This is especially true when setting up a food business.

Trends come and go, however. Some even fade away from popularity faster than others. Pretzelmaker, a soft pretzel snack franchise, highlights the importance of keeping up with and adapting to consumer tastes. So, instead of focusing entirely on trends, look at the lifestyles of your target consumers.

Salty Snacks Satisfy an American Craving

The high-stress environment and hectic lifestyle of Americans make the US consumer market ripe with opportunities for food businesses. High levels of stress manifest through symptoms like anxiety and fatigue, but more common is a stressed person’s need for salty food. They have a hard time resisting chips, pretzels, and jerky. Research suggests this is because salty snacks help lower the amount of cortisol or stress hormones the body produces.

Thanks to Americans’ fast-paced lifestyle, the fast food and snacks industries have experienced growth in recent years. Fewer consumers are following the traditional three-meals-a-day eating habit and instead are eating multiple smaller meals or snacks. All these factors contribute to the nation’s salty snacks industry reaching an estimated value of $24 billion last year.

Franchise vs. Startup

Aspiring business owners who want to take advantage of the salty snacks industry can either become a franchisee or start own company.

Launching a startup company gives you more freedom over your whole business. Startup small businesses are also usually less expensive than franchises. Despite this, startups mean starting completely from scratch — and the risk of failure is high.

On the other hand, investing in an established salty food franchise gives you access to a proven business model, marketing assistance, and instant brand name recognition. Franchises provide essential training and ongoing support, including a network of franchisee peers that can offer advice. Moreover, more franchisees today assist in securing funding for your franchise.

Take advantage of the growing salty snack industry with the help of an established franchise. Whether you set up a soft pretzel store or a nachos kiosk, having a strong support system raises your chances of success.