Focal Point: 3 Kitchen Elements You Should Highlight in Your Design

beautiful modern kitchenSimply because your kitchen is the busiest area at home doesn’t mean your design should be cluttered and all over the place. Unfortunately, many homeowners fall into that interior design trap. Due to the many aesthetically pleasing fixtures, furnishings, and materials out there, the result is too many focal points screaming for attention. This makes the place look cluttered.

The better way of approaching this is to select just one or two — investing in high-quality pieces — then let all the other elements highlight those pieces. Here are some worth-highlighting focal points:


A backsplash doesn’t just protect the walls from splatters and splashes. In many modern homes in Salt Lake City, it serves as a decorative element that turns an otherwise-boring wall into a corner worth lingering your eyes on. You can go for tiles that have different colors and patterns to create a bold design statement. If you go this route, though, make sure that the rest of the kitchen design elements have a tinge of the colors and patterns used in your backsplash to pull off a cohesive look.


The countertop is one of the most used areas in the kitchen. As this is one of the corners that naturally draws the eyes, it’s just proper that it has a pleasant design. You have many options here, from granite and quartz to laminate and marble. The best style is one that matches the over-all interior design of your kitchen. Note that you can also go for a custom countertop. Accent Interiors and other Salt Lake City interior designers often recommend this if you have a particular aesthetic vision in mind.


If you have interesting furniture or pieces, which can be dressed to be worth looking at, make them your focal points. Pops of colors and patterns in furniture are a practical choice because you can easily replace them when they’re not a trend anymore. For example, if you want to highlight polka dot patterns in your kitchen, keep it in chair covers instead of the walls or the floors. If you have cabinets that have interesting aesthetic details, you can paint them a bolder color than the rest of the interiors to catch attention.

Remember: Don’t make your kitchen design cluttered. Focus on one or two focal points then design around that.