Three Things Nobody Tells You About API 650 Tanks

Tank StorageProducts such as gasoline, crude oil, and produced water need to be stored in welded tanks. The API 650 tank is the primary governing welding tank design specially made for oil storage. It’s widely used as a storage tank because it can withstand the pressure of 2.5 PSI or even less and can be used to store liquids. However, the API 650 offers more than storage. Here is a few information about the API tank that you need to know.

Customizable Features

The specific type of API tank that you need will depend on how you’ll use it and the application that you’d like to have for it. There are specific design features that you need such as welded tanks and underground storage tanks in case you’re planning to store oil. You may want to work with a manufacturer who specializes in the construction of API tanks to create an API tank that’ll fit your needs.

Designed for Safety

The API 650 tank was developed to act as safe storage which can withstand extreme temperatures and natural calamities. The API Standard tank along the API 653 is mainly focused on whether an atmospheric pressure liquid warehouse tank is proper according to on the ability of the tank to store a specific liquid.

State and International Standard

The API 650 is also internationally recognized when it comes to constructing storage tanks. That’s why a growing number of businesses often follow the tank standards when storing specific types of liquids.

As a tank buyer, you have to ensure that the tank that you’ll be purchasing will meet the standards required by the state. It’s essential to work with a manufacturer who can deliver your expectations and ensure that the liquids are safely stored from contamination or even leakage.