How to Make Your Flooring Last Longer

man installing wooden floorIf you are installing floors in the office or at home, it is essential to consider their durability rather than just their appeal. Aside from their appeal, your flooring should withstand impact and the everyday traffic.

Whether you have a concrete floor, tiles, wood, or any other, there are many ways to make sure that they last. Keep in mind that your floor’s lifespan still depends on their materials. The area of installation also affects their durability. Exposure to sunlight and rainfall also damages flooring. You don’t have to replace your flooring now and then. There are many products you could use to protect them from surface damage and corrosion and even staining.


There are different methods to protect your flooring depending on their material. For concrete floors like in driveways, you can apply concrete sealers. These products block the pores in the concrete to reduce the absorption of water and salts from rainwater. For indoor use, there are stained concrete sealants that add colours and appeal to your concrete floors. Aside from using sealants, you could also make use of rugs and mats to cover your concrete floors.

For wooden flooring, you can use varnish and polyurethane to protect the floor from scratches and stains. Varnish is a transparent, water-based and quick drying formula that could be used on soft and hard interior wood flooring. Polyurethane coatings are mostly oil-based that produce a glass finish.

Fill gaps with Grout

Grout is usually applied to tile flooring or mosaic floors. This is because grout allows for natural expansion and contraction of elements used in flooring due to changes in temperature. Since grout itself is porous, make sure to use it alongside grout sealers on a semi-regular basis. Aside from securing tiles and plates to its base, grout can prevent spills from seeping into the flooring which could cause the bonding agent to deteriorate over time.

Mix grout with good sealer products when installing your floors to make them more durable and resistant to temperature changes.


Even with floor coating applied, if the flooring isn’t maintained they can still be damaged. Since floors wear out with time, proper maintenance is necessary to increase their lifespan. Degradation can be brought about by tiny particles such as sand and dust that scratch the flooring whenever you step on them. Sweep or vacuum your floors on a daily basis to prevent these particles from chipping away at your flooring. Mopping could also be done to clean stains from your flooring.

Maintaining your flooring is essential to increasing their durability and lifespan. If you aren’t sure of the right finishing agent to use, you should get in touch with a professional. By maintaining your floors, you are also saving yourself from unwanted expenses.