Beauty and Backpacking: How to Keep Looking Fresh while Travelling

couple looking at guide bookTravelling is an excellent way to disengage from the stresses of everyday life as well as to broaden horizons. It also helps improve your social skills, regardless of whether you travel alone or with a group.

Spending long hours on plane flights and out in the sun or sea can dry up your hair and skin, though. Daily baths may not be the solution, either, if the local water does not agree with your hair or skin. Fortunately, a basic health and beauty regimen is all you need to stay fresh-faced in your Instagram posts.

Conditioning is the Key

A nutrient-rich shampoo can take care of your hair on regular days, but it might not be enough after a long day out in the sun, sea or pool. Make sure to bring a conditioner that works well with your hair. Other hair treatments are good to have on hand, as well.

Moreover, try applying a collagen hair mask. It not only helps de-frizz and de-tangle your hair; it also strengthens it and hydrates your scalp for better hair growth. Taking the time to pamper your hair also gives you time to relax and meditate after a day of adventure.

Soaking Up the Sun

Sunscreen and moisturisers are essential travel items. Long travels can dry up your skin — regardless of whether your destination is a hot, tropical beach or a cold, snowy mountain. Use a moisturiser first to lock in moisture before applying sunscreen, particularly when it’s colder. Moreover, choose a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection and at least 30 SPF.

Take note: Using a body sunscreen on your face, which has more sensitive skin, may cause irritation and trigger acne. Dry-touch sunscreen sprays, in particular, can be extremely dehydrating to the skin due to their high alcohol content.

Wipe it All Off

Washing and cleansing your face is a vital step in maintaining a fresh appearance. Sleeping with make-up on can block your pores, cause acne and premature ageing.

Make-up remover wipes are great to have for when you’re too tired to wash your face. It helps quickly remove make-up, dirt and grime from your skin. For better results, pick hydrating facial wipes. Remember, though, properly washing your face is still the best option and facial wipes are only a last resort.

Going on a trip is an excellent way to pull back from the daily grind and relax. But foreign environments can be a little harsh on your hair and skin. Get back to the basics to keep your hair and skin from drying up and stressing you out on your well-earned holiday.