Be the Change: 3 Steps to Making a Difference as an Entrepreneur

Happy BusinessmanThe goal of businesses at the end of the day is profit, but the road to hitting that goal makes a difference. And you can make a difference to the people around you when you approach business differently.

Here are ways you can make a difference as an entrepreneur, while still keeping your bottom line intact.

1. Find your passion.

Passion isn’t just the starting point of entrepreneurs; it’s what fuels them to press on even in tough times. Your passion is where your heart is. You have to find it so you can channel it through your business.

For instance, some find passion in reducing poverty, so they choose social entrepreneurship, partnering with communities and giving them employment opportunities in producing goods such as eco-ethical bags and jewelry. Or some are passionate about caring for the elderly and decide to take advantage of home care franchise opportunities.

Passion is what will keep you going. So when you venture a business out of passion, you’re securing its tenure.

2. Lead with integrity

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. And it’s one of the ways you can create a difference in your business.

When you offer excellent products and services to customers, regardless if there’s a third-party inspection or not, you’re increasing your chances of growing a solid, trusting customer base.

What’s more, you’re setting an example for your employees. And when you’re able to let employees embrace your core values, you make a solid foundation for business growth.

3. Give to communities.

The most successful brands today are big on giving, simply because they understand that the act offers a lot of benefits that far outweigh the costs. For one, giving creates a sense of unity and pride within the team.

When your employees are able to make a charity project happen, like bring education to far-flung communities or build houses for less fortunate families, the accomplishment binds them together.

The effect of giving isn’t only within the team. Outside your organization, the media, potential investors, customers, and competitors see your philanthropic efforts. Giving creates the opportunity to make your business known as a business with a heart.

You have the power to make a difference in the world as an entrepreneur. Harness that power.