A Guide to Common Door Hardware and Accessories

man fixing door knobNowadays, doors have many types of hardware and accessories. These parts help make front doors not just stylish but also more functional and secure. It pays to explore your options when buying or installing a new door to make the most out of this essential part of the house. Here is a short guide to the most common door fixtures.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks can be single or double-cylinder. Single-cylinder locks function with a key from the outside and a thumb turn from the other side. Double-cylinder deadbolts require a key to unlock from the outside and the inside. This option is more secure against intrusion than single-cylinder locks. Just make sure to keep a key near the door so that you can open it quickly during emergencies. It also pays to consider installing digital locks for better security.

Door Levers

Door levers are favoured over the more traditional knobs because they operate efficiently. There is no need to grasp and twist a knob to open the door. With door levers, all you need to do is push down the bar to disengage the latch. Keyed levers feature a button or a thumb turn on the other side that operate as a locking mechanism.


Hinges may not be visible, but they play a significant role in the operation of your door. They are attached to the sides of the entrance to secure it to the jamb, allowing easy opening. These hardware pieces can be seen when the door is open. This is why it’s crucial to find hinges with the same finish or style as other accessories in your external door.

Door Knockers

Door knockers my sound old-fashioned because doorbells are now more common. Still, home-owners who want to make their front doors more stylish favour these accessories. Your options include the S door knocker, imperial style knocker and ring knocker.

Learn more about your options by working with a reputable supplier of door hardware. With the right choice of accessories, you can make your door look good, function better, and protect your home and family.