4 Questions to Ask to Evaluate Your Plastic Surgeon

Plastic SurgeryIn the past, going under the knife is only done when you have medical conditions that require you to do so. As the medical field becomes more advanced and safer, undergoing surgery for other reasons than medical is becoming widely accepted. Plastic surgery is one of them.

Some people need plastic surgery to correct a medical condition, while others go through it for aesthetic purposes. Regardless of the reason, Dr. Steven Warnock reminds that finding a qualified plastic surgeon in Utah or anywhere else is a must. There is no better way to know more about a doctor than by asking important questions that will help you evaluate their skills.

How long have you been practicing? Are you certified?

Work with a doctor that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). The more experience your doctor has, the more at ease you can be. After all, experience is the best teacher.\

Have you performed the surgery that I want/need?

Your doctor should have not just any experience, but an extensive experience with the particular surgery that you would need and want. Choosing a specialized surgeon can give you the outcome you want.\

What kind of anesthesia will be used?

There are different kinds of anesthesia and there are different risks involved in it. Knowing which kind, and who will administer it, can help you know what to expect. The risks of being under one should also be completely disclosed and discussed.

What can I expect after the surgery?

Side effects and complications during recovery as well as the ideal and actual recovery time should be discussed before the actual procedure. Knowing so will help you be prepared and be more comfortable after the surgery is done.

How much will the total cost be?

There is so much more than the doctor’s professional fee. Do not be afraid to ask questions regarding the fees you would need to have, as well as ask for discounts, if possible.

The search for a plastic surgeon is not easy. Asking the right questions can help you better evaluate which one is right for you.