Three Effective Channels for Filing Complaints

woman discussing what's written on the paper she's holdingHave you ever been in a situation where you feel you are not getting services that are worth paying for? While that seems to be the trend in modern times, it is not right when you do not receive top-notch services from any company. Filing complaints against companies in SC is an effective way of speaking up. With that in mind, what channels should you use to ensure that your claims reach the concerned parties?

Visit the Company’s Website

Nearly every company in operation has a digital platform through which you can connect. Look up the company’s website and file your complaint. However, you will need to give a concise report of your claims. This report will help the company improve their services to other customers.

Reach the State’s Attorney General

You can look up the e-mail address of your state’s attorney general. You should write an e-mail with the exact details of your complaint. It will make better sense if you have enough evidence to back up your accusation. If the office of the attorney general receives more letters concerning a particular subject, they will commence an investigation on the same matter.

Write to the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission has a website that gives you a chance to file a complaint against any company. The commission will take up an investigative role to check the validity of your claim and take further steps. On this website, you don’t need to give too many personal details.

While filing your complaints about shoddy services from public utilities in SC, it is a good idea to speak up. Still, it is wise that you do not file your complaint immediately. Take some time to calm down. File a complaint when you have a sober mind. A charge full of emotional words can be as ineffective as not sending any criticism at all.