Maximize Property Security with Well-Planned Fences

barbed wire over the fenceSecurity fences are your first line of defense against external dangers. Whether it’s your home or your business, they are one of the best security measures you can put up to protect your property.

Not all security fences are made equal, however. You need to properly plan your fencing project to ensure that it improves your security, rather than make you an obvious target for burglars. Haphazardly installed and poorly chosen fences, after all, indicate a lax attitude towards keeping a property secure.

Prioritize Durability

Choose a strong and durable material for your security fence., a wholesale provider of industrial fencing materials, highly recommends aluminum fence panels for high-security applications.

Aluminum is one of the strongest yet most lightweight metals around. In fact, car manufacturers, the US military, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration use aluminum for vehicles and other structures.

Fences made from high-strength aluminum can last for years, even with minimal maintenance and in spite of the extreme weather. This type of low-maintenance fencing, in turn, helps you save time and money. It also helps prevent cracks in your security.

Be Visible from the Outside

Full-privacy fences may sound like a good idea at first. It can attract more unwanted attention to your properties, however. Burglars may even prefer these kinds of fences because they can easily hide behind privacy fences without your knowing. This makes it easier for them to case your place for a burglary. Moreover, a fully enclosed property makes a burglar bolder; if they get in, neighbors won’t be able to spot them on the inside and alert the authorities.

Metal fences that allow you to see through it are much better than privacy fences. While it does sacrifice a measure of privacy, it also helps you keep an eye on what’s happening beyond your property line.

Defend from All Directions

Good security fences can deter trespassers — whether they attempt to go over, under, around or through the fence.

Tall fences that have metal spikes and fewer horizontal rails can effectively discourage criminals from climbing over it. As a general rule, the higher the fence, the better it can secure your home or business. Take note, however, of the fencing laws or guidelines implemented by your city or homeowners association.

A secure concrete footing, even if just for the fence posts, prevents people from going under your fence. Meanwhile, the durability and design of your fence can help foil those who would try to cut through it.

Avoid compromising on your fence’s details just to install it as soon as possible. Take the time to plan your security fencing to ensure it won’t have any exploitable weaknesses.