How to Make Towing Safer

Man Screws in Tow BarTowing is in many ways different from normal driving. It needs extra precaution and advanced driving skills, especially when navigating busy roads. You have to be vigilant when it comes to the safety of other road users and the vehicle you are towing.

Whether you are towing a caravan or another vehicle, similar safety rules apply. Tow Mart suggests making sure that your tow truck light bar is working and other motorists can easily spot it. Brakes and brake lights should also be working properly. However, this isn’t all. Here are some of the most crucial factors that will make towing safer.

Tow a Proper Tongue Weight

Make sure the tongue weight is between 10-15% of the trailer’s total weight to ensure stability. Check the rear suspension to ensure that it can accommodate this weight. If not, you might need an equalizing hitch to transfer a portion of the tongue weight to the front axle.

Check the Lights

Tail lights are crucial when towing your vehicle. If they aren’t illuminated, other drivers may not be able to see the trailer, especially at night. Check if the tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals function properly before you begin the tow. If you have additional light bars, ensure that they aren’t being blocked by the trailer.

Conduct an Inspection

Inspect the safety chains to ensure that they have secured the trailer properly. Check the wiring, tires, and brakes and make sure they are all working. Other things you should check include tire pressure, wheel bearing temperatures, and the breakaway cable. If you’ve got a problem, fix it first before you start your tow.

There are many things to consider when it comes to improving safety while towing. Conducting an inspection of your vehicle and ensuring that your braking, tow weight, and lights are in good shape is the best way to start. Don’t risk your life and those of other road users by neglecting these simple safety measures when towing.