3 Things to Remember When Buying Swimwear Online

Teen girl swimmingFor some people, buying swimwear online can be a little risky. The inability to see how it hugs the body and feel the fabric before trying it on can be compelling reasons not to shop online.

However, the convenience of being able to buy swimwear any time of the day or night and the ability to choose from hundreds of brands and styles are making a case for online swimwear shops such as Revelrey.com. Below are three helpful tips for women who want to take advantage of these benefits.

1. Take a close look at the size chart.

Most online stores post a size chart with measurements and their corresponding sizes. This will help ensure that the clothes or swimwear you buy will be a good fit. For swimwear, it’s important to measure your bust size and hip size.

The numbers that matter are those of the widest side of the hips and around the bum area. In case the swimsuit bottom is a little snug when it first arrives, don’t fret — the fabric will stretch a little over time.

2. The classics always work.

When unsure of what style or cut to buy, the classics offer a lot in terms of reliability. Tie-side bottoms mean the size can be adjusted a little for your comfort. Triangle tops with adjustable straps or tie-backs also offer support and have room for additional pads if you prefer to add them.

Buy separate pieces to mix and match different cuts, styles, prints, and patterns. This also helps expand your wardrobe, especially if you’re always posting photos on social media.

3. Check the fabric or material.

Swimwear should be elastic and fits the body well. It’s meant to be snug, but breathable. Ideal materials or fabrics should be a combination of lycra, spandex, nylon or polyester. Also, be sure to check if the swimsuits are lined to avoid embarrassing situations of stepping in out in a see-through suit.

Shopping online opens a world of choices, discounts, and fashion alternatives for women looking for swimwear. Compare prices and brands and don’t be afraid to try something new every once in a while.