3 Popular Cabinet Door Styles for the Modern Bathroom

Interior of a Bathroom with CabinetsOne of the rooms in your home that can wear out fast is the bathroom. The cabinets are among the most affected by the constant exposure to moisture. Rather than enduring a drab looking bathroom, you can change your cabinets and transform its look.

With a cabinet change, bathroom remodeling will not cost a fortune. One of the elements you should consider when choosing cabinets is the door’s style. Trinity Builders of South West Florida and other experts list the styles you can choose from for a contemporary bathroom look:

1. Shaker Style

This is among the most popular modern bathroom. It comprises a frame, which includes four pieces with one flat center panel. A shaker-style cabinet door features clean lines with an emphasis on utility. You can customize your door’s style by varying your wood grain, paint colors, hardware, and finishing stains.

2. Beadboard Style

If you’re looking for a chic cottage look, a beadboard cabinet door style is your perfect option. The center panel of beadboard-style doors resembles the one used in traditional paneling. For the perfect look, make the cabinet doors all white to convey a clean and bright appearance and to create a spacious illusion.

3. Full Overlay or Inset Style

This is one of the most costly cabinet door style options, but it will outlast trend changes. Inset door styles feature cabinet doors that rest outside their frame. The doors are made with highly precise specifications, so they close and open correctly even if their wood contracts or expands. The hardware on full inset doors is exposed unlike in other styles, so you should choose them carefully to match your bathroom décor.

Construction of cabinet doors has undergone technological changes like everything else. You need not try to visualize how the above styles will look in your bathroom. Your contractor can now generate 3D images of the final look to give you a clear picture.