Your Next Brewery Creation: Use Citra Hops

Man pouring beerAn increasing number of craft breweries have made it possible for the popularity of hops that are more flavorful and daring to the palate. But many breweries still prefer hops with subtle but exciting flavors. If you are looking for flavors that are fruitier and earthier for your craft beer, then you should consider Citra hops for your next brewery creation.

Current Status in the Market

Citra hops are considered to have the most citrusy aroma in the world of beer. Its tangy aroma has been described as consisting of melon, lime, lychee, mango, pineapple and passion fruit is now a favorite of many of brewers of India Pale Ale (IPA). In the list of the 33 hottest IPAs in America, ten of the breweries buy Citra hops and incorporate it in their flavors. It is now increasing in popularity among many brewers considering that it was only introduced only just a decade ago.

Advantages and Availability

Citra hops have an alpha acid content Thar is used as a bittering agent. They are also used to achieve the unique flavor and aroma that are found in IPAs, Double IPAs, Pale, American Pales and Amber Ales. It can also be used in single hop beers or combined with other hops like the Simcoe and Mosaic. In 2017’s National Hop Report, it is one of the six leading varieties produced in Washington, Idaho and Oregon, which are the nation’s greatest producers of the country’s overall supply of hops.

Craft beers are known for their unique flavors, and everyone has a preference. Careful hop selection is a factor in finding the right taste that will blow the mind of many beer lovers in the world.