Where Can Mormons Enjoy a Valuable Yet Purposeful Vacation?

Trailer on a highwayTo better understand their history, Mormons visit various locations to see for themselves the places where important events took place. This helps them be more enlightened about their Mormon faith.

These travels can be relaxing, as well, while offering a valuable purpose for you. Cruise Lady says your Mormon vacation can be an enjoyable and worthwhile getaway

Here are some of the places you wouldn’t want to miss out.

The Garden of Gethsemane

If you take a trip to Jerusalem, there are plenty of places you may want to check out. You could consider taking the time to go to the Garden of Gethsemane.

This garden holds a special corner in the minds and hearts of Latter-Day Saints. The reason: this spot is where Jesus Christ became overwhelmed with sadness due to the many sins of the world, prior to his crucifixion.

Mormons believe that Jesus spent the sacred hours in Gethsemane to lament and atone for the sins of all mankind, from the beginning up to the present.

The Temple Square

Located in Salt Lake City, the Temple Square presents more than just history. This location serves as the venue for the conference center. The church headquarters also operates in this particular place.

The two visitor centers make the Temple Square an ideal place for the entire family. They can learn about the Church of Jesus Christ here.

It may be worth noting that the location draws in more than 16 million tourists every year. This is why it ranks among the greatest places to visit in Salt Lake City.

The Sea of Galilee

If you decide on touring the holy land, make sure to stop by at the Sea of Galilee. There will be no need to imagine. You can simply walk into the exact place where Jesus walked on water.

Many of Jesus’ miracles are attributed to the Sea of Galilee. It helps open a wide learning ground for the Mormon faith.

There exists a popular story where Mormons traveled a thousand of miles from the Midwest to Salt Lake City. You may have heard enough it more than enough, for it holds a significant part in the history of Mormons. Mormons have places around the world rich with historical values and faith. Enjoy your travel and learn while doing so – it will be worth it.