Types of Appliances Used in Pediatric Orthodontics

Kid Getting Her Teeth CheckedYour child’s dental care begins when their first milk tooth erupts. The first dental visit should be at this time or before the child turns one year old. Ignoring pediatric dental visits comes with grave oral health consequences in the future.

A pediatric dentist uses these visits to diagnose any issues with their Lehi clients and intervene early. Other than the conventional braces, there are other appliances the dentist might recommend to correct common pediatric dental issues. Here are some of them.

Space Maintainers

At times your baby might lose their primary teeth prematurely due to decay or trauma. Adjacent teeth will shift into the space left by the lost teeth, and this results in alignment and spacing issues with your child’s permanent teeth.

Dentists insert fixed or removable space maintainers into gaps and act as placeholders for permanent tooth eruption.

Expansion Appliances

These correct overbites and crossbites. An expansion appliance stretches and widens your child’s palatal arch hence providing sufficient space for proper alignment of the teeth.

It is customized and fixed on the inner or outer side of a child’s teeth. Children who undergo corrective surgery for a cleft palate might also need to use expansion appliances for some time.


Thumb sucking beyond 5–6 years can cause various oral complications for your child. These include dental impaction, narrowed arches, and teeth misalignment.

A palatal crib is an appliance which efficiently stops thumb sucking by reducing a child’s gratification from the habit. There are different types of palatal cribs depending on your baby’s age and eagerness to cooperate.

The above appliances will assure you of the proper development of your child’s dental structure and optimal oral health. Orthodontic treatments in childhood will be more effective, less costly and more comfortable compared to those done in puberty and adulthood. The beautiful smile these treatments accord your child will be worth every dollar you spend.