Tiny Tips for a Small Workspaces

workspace crowded with papersWith business spaces rising in cost, most people have to choose tiny office spaces or warehouses as an affordable alternative. But small doesn’t necessarily mean uncomfortable.

Use the Walls or Use Mobile Shelves

Make good use of wall shelving systems instead of cabinets or tables propped near the wall. This will help conserve valuable floor space so that you’ll have more room for movement. You’ll find that wall shelving comes in numerous designs so that they add to the overall décor of your workspace.

You could also try to use mobile shelving units. These units have wheels so you can move them around with ease and flexibility. They will also help save space because of their mobility and versatility.

Keep it Minimal

Your office decoration should not be more significant than a melon; otherwise it only adds to the clutter. Choose decor that emphasises functionality and organisation. Choose a minimalist design to give your workspace a sense of calm.

Choose Low Furniture

Look for furniture that sits lower on the floor. This creates the illusion that the ceiling is high. Proportion is the key here — try not to put in an overly large sofa or table as this will dwarf down the whole place. Choose furniture that is flexible. Some ottomans double as storage.

Stay Solid

Choose solid colours instead of colourful prints. Solid colouring provides a seamless appearance all over the area. It gives the illusion that the area is one vast space. A colourful motif tends to fragment the room so that it seems smaller than it is.

Go Glass

If you can get away with it, you should use glass for various furniture or partitions. This gives the illusion of an extension of space. Adding a mirror to certain rooms also provides the same effect.

Remember that with the right care and décor, a tiny work area can be a cosy haven for years to come. You’ll find that arranging your apartment to your satisfaction will turn it into a home.