4 Swimming Pool Trends to Watch Out For

a swimming poolIf you’ve been thinking of building a new pool or restructuring your current one, then it’s likely that you’re looking for something unique. Newer pool trends are going beyond just shape and design, focusing on ambiance as well. More new features give your pool personality. As you engage a pool contractor such as Dolphin Pools & Spas, take a look at these new trends for inspiration.

Pool designs that follow a theme​

Rather than the standard rectangle or circular shapes, modern pools now come in endless patterns, forms, and shapes inspired by a variety of themes. These themes are meant to optimize the entertainment ambiance. You could sample themes on the Internet and choose one that you like or work with a specialist to create one that works for you.

Pool surfaces that feature darker colors

Pools with darker interiors are quickly becoming the standard in many affluent neighborhoods and high-end resorts. That’s because these darker hues possess a sophistication that homeowners love. Dark shades also make set a more relaxed feeling.

Pools that are smaller in size​

People around the world are now opting for smaller pools due to the numerous benefits that they come with. A smaller pool leaves you more space for outdoor living. You have more room to erect kitchens, build a fire pit, and landscape your compound. Additionally, smaller pools are cheaper to build and maintain.

Premium custom materials​

Homeowners looking for luxurious pools spare no expense when it comes to selecting the material for their pools. Popular high-end materials include glass tile, pebble finishes, marble decking and granite. These pools also often feature impeccably detailed mosaic tiles.

As new trends in pool design continue to emerge, homeowners can now choose from a variety of options on offer. Ultimately, these trends are aimed at giving you a pool that satisfies your every desire.