3 Sure Signs Your AC Was Damaged After a Hurricane

Man Inspects AC UnitHurricane warnings are never good news. Even worse are the hurricanes themselves. These forces of nature strike without warning, leaving massive damages and losses in their path.

If you’ve just been through one and suspect that your AC system has been affected, you need to call a professional house AC repair contractor in Salt Lake City before things get worse. Whipple Service Champions outlines the signs you should look out for.

1. The unit isn’t cooling your home like before

If you notice that your house feels warmer than usual after being hit by a hurricane, then it’s very likely that your outdoor unit’s refrigerant line is leaking or has been damaged. This is a problem you want to fix quickly, as the refrigerant in the line can be harmful to the environment. Besides, a decrease in the efficiency of your AC can increase its power consumption, meaning you get to pay higher energy bills.

2. You are hearing funny sounds

Is the unit producing rattling or buzzing sounds after the hurricane? That is most likely the sound of debris that was hurled around by the hurricane. Now, that debris is lodged inside the unit and it has probably damaged the internal components, including the fan and compressor. Should you hear a screeching sound, simply shut down the unit and call a professional to investigate the issue.

3. The unit is flooded

Flooding is the most obvious sign of damage to your AC unit. The extended exposure to flood waters will most likely have damaged the electrical components. Have the unit checked immediately. Make sure the ducts are clean to prevent the growth of mold inside the unit.

A hurricane can cause damage to your AC, but there’s always something you can do to prevent further disaster. As soon as you notice signs of trouble, it’s best to call an expert to help you.