Why Coffin Makers Should Stop Focusing On Their Product’s Features

coffin bearer carrying casketMany casket makers aim to increase sales by impressing clients with different product features, although outlining benefits would be a better way to achieve this.

For instance, your sales personnel may lure customers by impressing them with unique features. However, a better way to convince them would require enumerating the benefits after they purchase a coffin.

Benefits and Features

Oversize caskets serve as one example where you should emphasize benefits more than its features. Some makers would simply state that they can create a 29-½ oversize casket that fits in a standard vault, yet there is a way to improve this sales pitch. By letting your clients know that they would no longer have to spend more money on an oversize vault, it makes them think that they would save money.

Another way to market your products’ selling point involves the use of laser technology. Laser-engraved caskets are becoming more popular for those that want a unique design. You should consult a laser marking machine distributor to find out how laser may help you add a personal touch to your products.

Custom-Made Caskets

More Americans want their deceased loved ones’ final resting place to be as unique as possible, whether it is to reflect the person’s last wishers or their personality. In states such as Utah, customized coffins account for up to 90% of some funeral homes’ sales.

This presents an opportunity for casket makers to pursue new tools for developing their product line. A custom-made coffin can cost up to $16,000, so imagine the financial rewards if you can close at least five orders each week.


Casket makers should know that not everyone is familiar with the different specifications and features. Most people only care about how a purchase would be beneficial for them, so it’s important to relay this message across and increase the chances of a sale.