Real Estate Talk: Why Southern Living Works

rear view of young couple looking at their new houseDevelopment in the Philippines has been booming, particularly in areas north and south of the metro. A quick review of development projects like Lancaster in Cavite from websites such as Cavite Properties can help give you an idea where you can bring your hard-earned income.

Here are some reasons why moving to the south of the metro can work for you.

CBD Accessibility

The largest business districts are in or near the south: Taguig, home of Bonifacio Global City, and Makati are the primary hubs for a variety of businesses. Especially if you’re job hunting, these can be prime areas to look for employment opportunities.

While driving might still get you where you need to go the easiest, it isn’t necessarily the most convenient.

However, the existence and size of the central business districts in the southern cities have helped push forward the development of more efficient roadway systems, making it easier to travel through the metro.

Not fond of driving? No worries! There are plenty of commuter services available in the southern area of the metro including access to buses and the metro’s railway system.

Business and Pleasure Opportunities

Work and play balance is essential to any person’s health. Those who live in the south can attest to the accessibility of southern residences to both workplaces and places for rest and relaxation. Socializing after work is easy because of the existence of a wide range of entertainment options.

You can also use your weekends to recharge by driving further south to popular spots like Tagaytay or more private areas like Laiya.

Establishing Your Residence

Given their accessibility to Metro Manila, places like Laguna and Cavite have both become favored places to live. Spending most of your week embroiled in the fast-paced hustle of the city can drain you physically and mentally.

The ability to leave it all behind is a great advantage, especially for those who need peace and quiet to recharge. Check your options among the many residential areas available in the south.