Home Plumbing: Things to Consider and Why You Need Professional Assistance

a plumber checking the sinkHomes have different utilities such as heating, plumbing, and ventilation. These need constant checking and regular maintenance, especially in older homes. The electrical, heating, and plumbing systems are some of the most vital aspects you should pay attention to.

Keeping them in good working condition at all times is a must. Plumbing, for example, allows us to bathe, cook, clean, wash dirty clothes and dishes, and do other tasks using water. If there is a problem with your plumbing, it can affect your daily life at home.

In places like Park City, plumbers are available all around and ready to address any plumbing issue you may have. What can plumbing professionals for you? Let’s take a look.

Laying down the pipes for new homes

There are three main components of the plumbing system: the water supply, the drainage, and the appliances or fixtures. Properly laying out the pipes for a new home ensures that there would be a smooth and continuous flow of water into the house for various uses, and the used or dirty water would make its way out.

Of the three mentioned components, it is the drainage/sewerage that you first set before you pour the actual concrete foundation. Aside from that, you usually install the other pipe-related fixtures when it is time to lay out the electrical wiring and duct installation.

The best people to do the job of laying down the pipes are licensed plumbers who are familiar with the local codes to satisfy standard plumbing procedures. These professionals would know the proper fixture placement, pipe routing, and pipe size needed for the new abode.

Re-assessing the pipes of old homes

While new homes enjoy the luxury of placing new pipes and fixtures, the case is different for old houses. Depending on how long they have been up, older homes may experience plumbing problems because of depreciation and possible damage to some fixtures and pipes.

As mentioned earlier, pipe laying comes after you pour the concrete foundation. You can also lay down pipes and cover them in concrete beneath floors or even home walls. In some cases when leaks start to sprout, there may be a need to excavate to address the problem.

The time needed to fix the issue may vary depending on the structure and the age of the house. Experts recommend consulting licensed professionals when dealing with problems such as leaks, especially in homes where the structure is in danger of water damage.  

The reality is that both old and new homes are susceptible to plumbing problems. Conducting regular maintenance checks could ease the frequency or occurrence of plumbing issues.

A licensed plumber can best handle plumbing maintenance and repair. There are some plumbing tasks that you can do yourself, but for permanent fixes and major issues, it would be better to call in the pros.