Help Your Clients Help Their Pets

family playing along with their dogNo matter how much owners love their pets, there might be other things going on in their life that take their attention away from their furry friend’s needs. Veterinarians are there to assist, but you can only do that when they come to you for help, or you’re due for a house call.

It would be nice if you can remind them of the pet’s basic needs without making it seem like you want to take over their job. Here are some subtle ways to show you care:

Send Reminder Cards

A veterinary reminder card is not invasive, and it can be instructive. It’s something you can design to be as fun and quirky as possible, just like their pet, and it can remind them that their pet is due for shots or regular inspection. Owners will also appreciate the effort you put into sending them a card.

Talk About Pet Pampering

You don’t have all the time to devote to one pet, but while you are checking their health, you do have the time to mention small tips to make a pet feel loved. Casually giving advice on a better sleeping arrangement or giving tips to increase pet weight can go a long way in fostering your friendship with the owner and the pet itself.

Mention Notable Parts

You don’t have to give tips outright if the owner is sensitive to criticism. They think they know their pet better because they live with it, but you can guide them into improving pet care subtly. For instance, talk about how the pet’s nails could do with a bit of trimming. You can also mention positive aspects, so they will take the compliment and keep doing what they’re doing right.

Pet care is something you and the owner can do together. Help them realize their mistakes and encourage them to do better.