What Are the Different Kinds of Air Conditioners for Homes?

Technician installing an air conditionerThe common types of air-conditioning systems include window, portable, split, and central units, which have different components yet generally serve the same purpose. It’s no surprise that people would wonder why there are many types when they have the same function, yet they don’t take note that these AC systems cater to a specific need at home.

Ventilation Preferences

A window-type air conditioner is perhaps the most common type of cooling system. You could either install this inside a window or through an open spot on the wall. If you only need air-conditioning temporarily, a portable one will be your best option. On the other hand, a split AC system has become more popular for homes without a forced-air HVAC system, while a central-type AC works to cool the entire house.

After you choose the right type of air-conditioning unit, you should know how to contact a reliable service provider in case you need repairs. If you live in Missouri, for instance, the cost of air conditioning repair in St. Louis may more or less be expensive in other cities.

Cost of Repairs

The average cost of repairs for an AC unit in the U.S. cost slightly more than $330. It may cost as low as $75 in some cases, or even go as high as $1,100. The type of repair usually involves a problem with a component of your AC system.

For example, one of the most expensive repairs includes a home air compressor replacement that may cost between $1,350 and $1,800. Even if you have no problems with your cooling system, it may be best to spend at least $80 for an annual maintenance check.

Air conditioners keep our houses cool especially during hot weather, so it is important to choose the right type for your home. What is your preferred air-conditioning system?