Memory Care Explained: What You Need to Know

Smiling elderly and caregiverSenior care services exist to assist the elderly and improve their life quality. Families with aging loved ones depend on these facilities to provide seniors with basic needs and more. But the growing community makes the selection process difficult. Which one offers the best service? Can you just trust anyone?

It’s important to understand the basics of Orem’s memory care systems and their differences to ensure that your loved one will flourish in the right community.

Improved Quality of Life

The point of senior care services is to provide a better quality of life for people aged 65 and above who are also dealing with limited mobility and other diseases. It could be a difficult decision for the family but if the goal is to allow the elderly to maximize their life quality, it is definitely an option to look into.

Instead of worrying about senior-proofing your home, look into these assisted facilities. They are equipped to meet the specific care requirements of seniors, giving them the liberty to move at their own pace without any risks. Most assisted facilities such are also designed with a home-like setting, restaurant style dining, and impressive living areas to keep the seniors comfortable. But is that exactly what your aging loved one needs?

Assisted Living or Memory Care?

An assisted facility is a general term used for care services and a great community where housing, health care, and support system are readily available. Within most assisted living communities is a memory care unit, which is for seniors who are suffering from memory loss and other conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Most memory care units are run by attendants who are dedicated to providing supervision 24/7. It is also designed with easy navigation in mind to help control the wandering behavior, which is common among seniors with the above-mentioned conditions.

Improve your loved one’s quality of life by learning more about their assisted living options.