Key Strategies to Win Your Laser Tag Match

laser lightsPlaying laser tag can be a fun and intense experience for both youngsters and adults. This fast and furious game is all about running, hitting targets, and overall being a ninja.

You’re welcome to come in and wing it as you go, but if you want to top the scoreboard, you’ll have to equip yourself with some surefire strategies. Here are ways to increase your chances of success on your next match at Plex HiWire laser tag arenas.

Wear Black – Or At Least Not White

You won’t find a ninja wearing bright colors when they’re out on a mission. Go for a dark-colored outfit if you want to stay hidden well in the shadows. While your gear will have lights that make you visible, you can still minimize your presence by opting for darker shades of clothing.

Since we’re already on the topic of what to wear, be sure to put on comfortable shoes so you can move about quickly.

Protect Your Back

Every laser tag arena has handy walls and corners where you can hide out. You’ll need them to protect your back as you scout the area and strike out opponents. Make sure to have your back facing a wall because this makes it impossible for the other team to sneak up and get you from behind.

Just Keep Firing

If all else fails – just keep shooting. If you keep your finger on the trigger, you’re bound to hit something if only by chance. This way you won’t miss a shot even when you’re busy moving to another position. You can also target kids and newbies first to boost your scorecard.

Win or lose, remember to have fun and just enjoy the game. Use these tips and tricks to make the most out of your match and don’t forget to learn from your experiences.