How Much do Employers Value a Masters Degree?

A master's degreeGetting a master's degree will give you essential skills and traits valuable in the workplace. Despite that, however great having one is, it alone does not guarantee employment. You should not, rely too much on it and should instead focus on making recruiters recognise your edge over other graduates.

What makes you a stronger applicant than others?

Here are some tips on how to sell your master's degree to potential employers:

Refer to Course Content

Your master's degree in Singapore should not just be letters on your CV. You should be able to say something about its contents, particularly if your course includes technical skills or if it is professionally oriented.

For example, getting a master's degree in Education may not seem related to a customer care position, but your choice of study says a lot about you as an individual. Your interest in dealing with students is relevant to a job that includes patience and an understanding of people. So, match your MA relevance to the job at hand.

Highlight Practical Experience

If you have work experience, detail it to the recruiter. Nowadays, most employers value experience over superior qualifications. So, show them you have both.

Highlight Placements and Responsibilities from Previous Employers

The reason you should not be shy to showcase your work experience is that employers want to know you understand the practical application of the knowledge.

Highlight Transferable Skills

In getting a masters degree, you develop key skills, most of which should be applicable to a job. It would be reassuring for a recruiter to know that you can jump straight on to tasks without being spoon-fed. Some general skills you develop when getting an MA include:

  • Presentation skills
  • Project management skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Time management
  • Research and writing

Completing a master’s degree is an excellent step towards securing a rewarding career in your field. Yet, what you bring to the table might not be so obvious to all employers, so be sure to highlight your relevance.