5 Things to Do to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

Gray RoofKeeping your roof in good shape may sound like a lot of work. You’re probably thinking about climbing a ladder or getting down on hands and knees to inspect your roof up close. Or you can check your shingles in the summer. Come winter, you can hire services for ice dam removal in Minneapolis.

While these ways may sound challenging, keeping your roof in shape all year round is actually easier. Here are five ways you can maintain a roof that will perform its duties the way you expect it to.

Check your chimney

Replace loose mortar as soon as you notice any. Loose mortar means loose bricks, and loose bricks can damage your roof if they fall.

Clear your gutters

All sorts of debris, like leaves and branches, can trap water in your gutters. Water that gathers in your gutters can seep through to the other parts of your home causing serious water damage.

Check for rust

If there are any metallic parts on your roof, you’ll have to check them for rust. A wire brush and oxalic acid should do the trick.

Get rid of any overhanging branches

If you have large trees that grow around your house, their branches that stretch out and over your roof can contribute dried leaves and branches that’ll keep moisture on your roof and soon cause rot. Trim them as soon as you notice any growing over your roof.

Check your sealants

Check all the areas of your roof that have sealant. Make sure they are not cracked or chipped off. If they are, they can contribute to the weakness of your roof as a whole. Completely remove damaged sealant before replacing it.

Don’t forget that your attic is also part of your roof. Get up there with a flashlight on a regular basis and check for water stains. Remember that you can always ask for the advice of a professional if you notice anything unusual with your roof. Do these five tips once a year and your roof will always be in tip-top shape.