When Your Marriage is Already Harming You and the Kids

Photo that depicts problematic coupleIn the United States, there are more than 2.1 million reported marriages. This puts the marriage rate at about 6.9 per every 1,000 of the total population.

Indeed, this looks impressive and may make you think of romance and love. However, the divorce rate in the country is nearly half of the marriage rate, at 3.2 per every 1,000 population. And while marriage dissolution isn’t always the best course of action, in many relationships, it is.

When pushing for a divorce is already the best decision

Like many other states, Utah implements both the fault and no-fault system. Understanding the basics is of these is critical, especially when you have concerns about your children’s best interest, as well as your financial well-being.

Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. a law firm specializing in family law, recommends that you put your and your little ones’ healthy, safety, and security first, particularly when you’re still having doubts about whether to push through with a divorce or not.

When someone’s health and well-being is at risk

For many people, divorce isn’t a solution. They have their reasons, may it be religion or personal insight. This shouldn’t hold you back though, as you are one of the very few people who know exactly what your marriage is doing to you and your health. And if it’s negatively affecting your health rather than making you happy and ‘whole,’ then don’t make a decision based on anyone else’s outlook or belief.

This is most certainly important in cases of domestic violence, abuse, and/or neglect. And not just in the physical form, but the psychological kind too. Not many are aware, but these kinds of spousal/parental behavior happen just as much battering.

Take action now before any more harm is done

As unfortunate and sad as it may sound, there are just quite a lot of instances wherein divorce is already necessary. So when you see it fit, take action as soon as possible, before any more harm comes to you and your children.