Know Your Eyeglass Frame Type Using Your Face Shape

a woman wearing glassesProper eye care is critical to our daily lives because our lifestyle mainly focuses on our vision. As technology advanced, we are more and more inclined to work in front of a monitor all day and it can strain our eyes and would lead to poor eyesight and become less productive.

Visiting an eye clinic such as Maple Grove Eye Doctors in Maple Grove to get prescription glasses can help fix your vision while looking stylish as well. This is possible if you choose a frame type that matches your face shape. Here are the four basic face shapes and their corresponding eyeglass frames.

Round Face

People with a rounder face should avoid making the face rounder. They should prefer getting angular or square frames that would complement their round faces. Frames such as cat eyes or wayfarers would look great on round-faced people.

Oval Face

People with oval faces tend to have taller faces while maintaining the rounded jaw line. Oval faces can pull of round or square frames just fine as long as the frames are not too big on the face. Aviators look great with this face shape.

Square Face

People with square faces are likely to have a broad and square jawline, and their face is almost as tall as it is wide. They should avoid wearing square frames for it makes a face boxier. Round dark frames are the way to go as it softens the face and makes it balanced. Aviators and wayfarers work nicely on this face shape.

Heart Face

These people tend to have a broad forehead and a narrow chin. Heart shaped faces can enjoy both round and square frames as long as it is not top-heavy frames. Top heavy frames tend to add more to your forehead. It would be better to have it bottom-heavy to give balance to your chin.

Wearing prescription glasses does not mean you cannot be stylish about it. You just have to know what frame works for your face shape. Hopefully, with this guide, you can look your best while taking care of your eyes.