Factors That Make Composite Stone the Best Option For Kitchen Benchtops

Benchtop of a kitchenA good benchtop for your dream kitchen is essential. This is the space where you prepare your meals and place appliances, so it must be clean, aesthetically pleasing and practical. If you have an island kitchen design, the benchtop will also serve as a communal dining table and part-time desk.

There are various options for your benchtop material. A composite stone benchtop, however, beats the other options hands down. This is a man-made material consisting of crushed quartz and an adhesive polymer resin.

Here are the things that make composite stone the best option for kitchen benchtops:

Easy Cleaning

Your kitchen is one of the areas in your house that requires thorough sterilisation and cleaning. The non-porous nature of composite stone means your benchtops will not absorb liquid spills. The stains can be easily wiped off using a clean towel. The counters also hold up well to strong acid solutions used in kitchen sterilisation. With composite stone counters, you may even opt for just weekly routine kitchen cleaning sessions.

Scratch Resistance

Composite stone is the best option for busy kitchens and homes with children. The material does not crack easily, and its surfaces are resistant to cuts and scratches. Regardless of this quality, using a cutting board is still recommended. Composite stone surfaces are also heat resistant; therefore, hot pans leave no scorch marks on them.

Diverse Styles and Colours

As the composite stone is man-made, it can come in an array of styles and colours. There also exist semi-precious stones and decorative glass versions of composite stone. You can almost always get the right colour shade to fit your kitchen’s style.

Despite the many advantages of this material, composite stone remains one of the most inexpensive materials for your countertops. Price is, therefore, not a limiting factor when making your choice. You need not reseal composite stone countertops after installation, and this drives their maintenance costs even lower.