3 Ways Your House Is Killing You Slowly

a worried old manThe home is, to most people, the safest place on the planet they know. It’s the first place they find solace in when something goes wrong outside there. Could it be that your home is responsible for your discomfort lately? Here are a few possible reasons your home could be causing you more harm than good.

1. There is black mold on the walls.

When mold starts growing on your walls, then you know you have a serious problem, particularly if it’s toxic black mold. This kind of mold could cause all manner of respiratory problems, from chronic coughing to irritation of mucous membranes.

As soon as you notice the infestation of this mold, quickly inform black mold removal specialists, such as AAA Restoration in Salt Lake City, to take care of the problem.

2. Mites have infested your mattress.

If you’ve had the same mattress for a long time, then it could be that they have become heavily infested with mites. These microscopic bugs love the humidity and warmth that your body produces.

If you are allergic to them, mites can trigger asthma and other debilitating reactions. Replace your mattress appropriately and keep your bed sheets, carpets, and curtains clean to get rid of these bugs.

3. The refrigerator is dirty.

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your refrigerator? Did you remember to clean the coils and the tray too? An unclean refrigerator could result in the contamination of your foodstuffs by harmful bacteria.

If the coils are dusty, they could blow dust into your home, polluting your indoor air. The solution, of course, is to clean your refrigerator thoroughly and regularly.

Your house is the last place that should make you sick, yet it could be that it is the source of your health troubles. By identifying any potential health hazards in the home, you can eliminate them and restore your home into the nurturing, clean space it once was.