3 Packaging Label Design Trends for 2018

Business man holding a giftPackaging labels have evolved so much this decade, prompted by the introduction of vintage, non-conformist designs into the mainstream. Before picking up steam in the last five years, packaging labels were boring, repetitive and predictable, using generic designs as you would expect to appear on a junk food packet or bottle of beer or soda.

However, as consumer preferences grow and younger designers take over more agencies and become tastemakers themselves, the public has become more welcoming of designs that are unique and challenging of the norms in advertising. The trends this 2018 reflect a culmination of this evolution in the world of design, marketing and advertising:

Photography or hand-drawn

Illustrations and photography will be more prominent in packaging labels. Designers will prefer to use sketches that are simple and unrefined, as well as photographs that feature everyday citizens and celebrities.

Retro and bold

Vintage and bold designs are not going away anytime soon. Retro letterings, in particular, will continue to take centre stage, and the more imperfect and natural they are (as if handwritten), the better. Designers, however, must ensure that their work is in keeping with the brand’s messaging and identity.


Minimalist, barebones designs will continue to dominate product shelves moving forward. Such designs call to mind medicinal bottles and skincare products, as well as chemical containers. They may not be as relatable at first, but experts are banking on this design trend to catch on. Typography will also be front and centre of this kind of design trend, but with more focus on subdued fonts and sans serifs.

Packaging labels are an effective tool in marketing products, even more so when their designs are well-thought-out. Get ahead of the competition by incorporating these trends.