3 Categories of Wood Stair Treads

A staircaseStairs can be intimidating. They either uphold or demean the overall appearance and value of your home. There are so many parts and pieces that need to be assembled safely and still have a perfect fit.

When choosing the type of wood for your wooden steps in NZ, you must consider a variety of factors. For instance, if you plan to finish the staircase with a carpet, then use the southern yellow pine since it is carpet grade. On the other hand, if you want to achieve an elegant home addition through your stairs, then the solid hardwoods are the way to go. That said, here are some wood stair treads worth considering:

Solid wood

This ever-trending option makes for an excellent stair treading solution. This is because it can be re-finished as many times as you want without wearing out. Additionally, for the stock to be turned into a usable stair tread, a thick wood is required, making it more durable.

Engineered Wood

If your area is prone to extreme temperatures that cause shrinkage and expansion of wood and wood products, then engineered wood is the solution you need. This wood is made from plywood conjoined in opposite direction, making them dimensionally stable and resistant to such occurrences. Moreover, this stair treading option is durable if well taken care of.

False End Treads

If you are more contemporary design-oriented, this option will be suitable for you. This comprises of an add-on feature, which will be hanging over the stair edge. This comes in instead of the full coverage material that comes from the front to the back. As such, they are best used with a carpet.

Poplar, beech, cherry, red oak, hemlock, knotty pine, alder, and mahogany are just some of the woods you may consider using in your project. Ensure that you choose a wood type that you can manage and maintain for maximum useful life. Additionally, consider the existing features of your home to blend in the appearance of the stairs with those of your home.