Is Getting the Sentosa 2-Day Fun Pass a Great Deal?

A view of SentosaWhether it is your first visit to Sentosa Island or you are a repeat visitor, it is always essential to plan your itinerary in advance. After all, with over 20 attractions, Sentosa has a lot to offer. It can be a challenge to try all those fun activities in just a day or two. It is a good thing, though, that the State of Fun offers a 2-Day Fun Pass—which will likely prove to be well-worth your money.

What’s Included?

A 2-Day Fun Pass includes a whole day of fun at Universal Studios Singapore and another day full of adventures in Sentosa. With this pass, you can enjoy up to 20 Sentosa attractions. These include 4D AdventureLand, Skyline Luge Sentosa, Tiger Sky Tower, the new AJ Hackett Skybridge and more. The pass is valid until the attractions close for the day, so you can surely make the most out of your time on the island.

Should You Purchase the Pass?

As many 2-Day Sentosa Fun Pass reviews say, the biggest benefit of this pass is the convenience it affords. Once you arrive at Sentosa, all you need to do is redeem your fun pass from any ticketing counter and you can start touring, right away! No time is wasted in long ticket queues, and this gives you the opportunity to try more attractions. Plus, purchasing this pass in advance allows you to plan your itinerary more efficiently; you can list the attractions you want to try first over the time you have set aside for the trip.

Of course, this fun pass offers significant savings, too. Instead of shelling out money for each of the 20 Sentosa attractions, you only need to pay for the pass, which comes out approximately 60 percent less expensive. Offering both convenience and savings, the 2-Day Sentosa Fun Pass is, indeed, a great deal.

However, if you only plan to try two to three attractions, or you want to spend less on this trip, you can purchase the 2-Day Fun Pass + Play 3, instead. It is pretty much the same as the 2-Day Sentosa Fun Pass, but it costs 67 Singaporean dollars less as it allows you to enjoy a maximum of three attractions in Sentosa. With either of these passes, you’ll definitely have fun on your next trip to Sentosa!