3 Ways to Dress Up Your Patio

A modern and spacious patioSmall spaces, concrete jungles, and strict landlords can dampen your creativity when it comes to decorating a patio. Nonetheless, this corner of the house can become your very own private sanctuary if you decorate it the way you want it to.

Don’t want to feel conscious of every passerby? In Brisbane, Just Patios recommend adding a patio enclosure to make your space more private. This way, you can lounge or sunbathe during the summer and relax with a cup of tea during cooler times. Here are a few ideas to dress up your patio:

The Sun Deck

The patio can be a good place to catch some sunlight in the morning or laze around during weekends. If the area is large enough, you can set up an inflatable pool that accommodates both adults and children. You can also decorate the space with non-slip mats, lounge chairs, and tables with an umbrella for a quick picnic. It can also double as a quiet nook or a brunch area by adding comfy throw pillows.

The Outdoor Bar Setup

If you have a house or an apartment with great views, you should maximise that by setting up an area for entertaining outdoors. A cosy set up can mean a couple of tables and chairs, so you can have dinner al fresco and a couple of glasses of wine with your significant other or friends. You can also add bar stools and a refrigerator filled with your favourite drinks for a relaxing nightcap.

The Fitness Buff

You don’t have to make it an out and out gym to use the space for fitness purposes. A corner garden and enough space to lay a yoga mat, some dumbbells or kettlebells, and a medicine ball should be enough for you to have a space to do your exercise or meditation every day.

The patio is an extension of your home and should also reflect your personality and interests. This extra space can be utilised to the fullest if you know how to maximise space and decorate inexpensively.