2 Wall Shelf Designs to Explore

man treating a shelfShelves add space and are useful as storage systems in any part of the home. More than stacking books or displaying trophies, people use these racks for a lot of things. In New Zealand, wall shelves are staples in every home; no bedroom is complete without them.

The good thing about shelves is that you can buy them ready-made or have it built completely from scratch. You can also choose from several styles and designs to suit your home’s décor.

Here are a couple of ideas.

The Illusion of the Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are pretty to look at, functional and inexpensive. You can also place them in small corners and practically any space – even the bathroom! They are called floating shelves because the design does not make use of big hardware as well as brackets.

Typically, builders fashion them out of 2×4 slabs of wood and half of a hollow core door. Even if the shelves lack visible support, they are still sturdy and durable. However, they are ideal for lighter loads such as souvenirs, framed photos, small trophies and knick knacks.

Once installed, the shelves are almost permanent, so it is better to paint the shelves your desired colour or varnish before you install them.

Mounted Shelves

Mounted shelves are more traditional and can carry heavy items such as heavy trophies and encyclopaedias. These are floor-to-ceiling shelves you normally find in libraries or studies.

You can have mounted shelves customised to fit the size and shape or your room, or you can buy pre-fabricated ones, which are cheaper and easy to install. Shelves are great storage solutions because you can build on them or add more to an open area or vacant space you may have.

You can also remove and transfer the mounted ones, but you will need to disassemble the unit. This is an advantage if you want to take the shelves with you when you move or renovate your home.

Shelves are clever ways of creating space in homes or offices; choose the kind that works for your needs.