The Most Common Issues of Garage Doors

Garage doorYour garage doesn’t only serve as a parking spot for your vehicle. It’s also a space to keep your belongings safe, store your tools and sometimes even a place to work in. A broken garage door can wreck your day, or at the very least, your early morning travel in Salt Lake City. You won’t know for sure if it needs garage door opener repair, so check out the common problems to familiarize yourself.

You Garage Door Is Making Loud Noise

If your garage door makes a grinding noise every time you open or close it, it might just need maintenance. This includes chain drive lubrication, as well as, nuts and bolts tightening. There are times when an object gets stuck on some part on the rails or an off-balance part. Nevertheless, you’ll require the assistance of a technician to repair it.

Your Garage Door Is Stuck

If you find yourself looking at a garage door stuck halfway close to the bottom, the rails or close limit switch could be the reason. One method of checking is to release the door from the opener and check whether it still gets stuck once you’re manually operating it. Get rid of any obstructions or debris that could be in the rails. If none of this fixes the issue, get in touch with your technician.

Your Garage Door Won’t Work

A non-operating garage door is probably the most common issue among them. A door that won’t open can be due to a dead battery in the remote, so primarily examine the wall button functions and replace its battery.

If this isn’t the problem, then you’d have to do the process of troubleshooting. You would have to first check if the motor is running and if the opener is responsive. Afterwards, determine if the sensor is jammed or if the cable is disconnected. If this sounds complicated, you can always call the provider to help you out.

These are just some of the common problems with garage doors that you’d have to face in the future. Just make sure that you call up your garage door technician to do some maintenance work and check up on it to prolong its longevity.