The Food Truck Trend: No Way But Up

A Food Truck DriverIt started with chef selling $2 Korean barbecue tacos from his shop on wheels in the streets of Los Angeles. This gourmet food truck story resulted in a hit reality TV show and a film, as well as jumpstarting a billion dollar industry.

Now, the country has over 4,000 food trucks and there seems to be no signs of it stopping.

From old-time favorites such as hotdogs and burgers to out-of-this-world gourmet items, these restaurants on wheels are becoming major money spinners for the aspiring entrepreneur. But what is it about these food trucks that make it so popular?

Food Court on Wheels

For Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks, an FL manufacturer, food trucks are quick and inexpensive ways to give everybody what they want. On the part of small business owners, they can earn money with a set budget. For foodies and employees short on time, they get food plus the novelty of it all. They can enjoy a meal while they sit on the curb when the weather is nice.

Experimental Cooking

Food trucks provide a convenient way for foodies to try out new and spectacular dishes. Because of the uncanny setup of these food parks, it has the liberty to experiment with presentation, ingredients, and servings. Some people don’t feel comfortable visiting a restaurant for a whole meal.

Food trucks give them a little taste first. Food trucks that specialize in exotic or new dishes give customers a chance to try first before they order. Customers appreciate the first taste minus the culinary risk.

Personalized Experience

Most food trucks give customers a chance to meet the chefs. It’s an interesting take to personalized cooking. They get to talk with the people who drive the van and cook the food. Chefs also establish a better relationship with new and current customers, building a better customer satisfaction strategy.

More customers are adventurous with their food choices and visiting a food truck is on top of their list. If you are an aspiring business owner, consider jumpstarting the food truck board now.